LTE Band 7/41/38/AXGP Power Amplifier Module



Data Sheet

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  • High linear output power (Pout=28.0 dBm (LTE MPR=0))
  • Gain control (GHIGH=30 dB typ., GLOW=18 dB typ.
  • MIPI RFFE control (
    Compliant with MIPI RFFE v1.10. power control, and triggered activation are available.)
  • High efficiency (PAE=31.5 % @ Pout=28.0 dBm)
  • Low distortion (
    ACLR1 UTRA=-40 dBc typ. @ Pout=28.0 dBm
    Harmonics < -37 dBc @ Pout=28.0 dBm)

General Description

The NJG1329LE4 is a power amplifier module (PAM) suitable for the final stage of LTE mobile terminal transmission application. The PAM supports modulation bandwidth of up to 20 MHz. The module size is as small as 2 mm x 2.5 mm. The PAM is controlled by MIPI RFFE V1.10 interface.


  • LTE
  • Mobile terminal