Could you tell us a handling method about the SAW Filter device?


Handling for SAW Filter Device

  1. Please pay attention to handle because the IDT electrode manufactured with a fine processing method.
  2. It might be destroyed by exceed electrical current, voltage and power.
  3. It charges static electric by a machine and temperature stress because of The SAW Filter is made by a piezoelectric body. ( Pyroelectric effect )
    It might destroy by discharging the charged electric. To prevent the destroy, you must storage it with conductive state for each terminals. (A career tape has the conductive characteristics.) And, if you mount it nearby parts of a weak ESD withstand, the SAW Filter might be destroyed by it.
  4. The SAW Filter might occur worse a band attenuation quantity characteristics, an output swing and /or group delay ripple characteristics, if an electrical couple affect it with between an input and output terminal. You must design to locate a shield layout condition as a least electrical coupling between the input and output terminal on your application.
  5. When it was mounted the SAW Filter on PCB, it might be given a quickly temperature variation, a fillet and so on might get a damage as some crack by a thermal expansion coefficient of printed-circuit-board (PCB) and the SAW Filter package You should evaluate a reliability on your application with yourself, if you use it on severe temperature changes.
  6. If you mount it with an automatic mounting apparatus, the mounting apparatus might apply an exceed force for it. You should confirm a suitable applying force on mounting it.
  7. It must avoid an ultrasonic cleaning method for it.