Corporate Mission

To aid in the healthy development of society by accomplishing our focal role
in matching the expectations of society with those of our customers

To realize our corporate mission by providing the best products possible
based on our unique "microelectronics and microwave" technologies


Fusing these two "μ" technologies and achieving even more significant progress are the major missions of New Japan Radio (New JRC), which focuses on the multimedia age. In the 21st century when the world of multimedia is vast, we have set our sights on further development of information technology and audiovisuals.

"μ&μ" limitlessly brings closer two types of "μ", semiconductor technology and microwave technology which have been developing separately. The fusion of these two technologies allows a dramatic expansion of multimedia possibilities.

New Japan Radio will continue to contribute to both industry and society with a corporate strategy that envisions the future and foresees the pioneering high-level technologies in this rapidly evolving field.

With "μ&μ" as our slogan, New JRC ventures into the development of microelectronics technology as well as microwave technology.