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New Japan Radio Co., Ltd. Chairman Ryo Ogura

New Japan Radio Co., Ltd.Chairman

Ryo Ogura

New Japan Radio Co., Ltd. President Kenichi Morita

New Japan Radio Co., Ltd.President

Kenichi Morita

To Our Stakeholders

On September 8, 2019, we, New Japan Radio Co., Ltd., celebrated our 60th anniversary of the foundation. It depends on customers, business partners, people of local community, precursors, employees, and so on that we have developed and could celebrate the 60th anniversary. Therefore, I express our sincere gratitude here.

Now, we support the development of mobility vehicles becoming highly furnished with electricity by supplying our highly reliable IC products for such application, and contribute to the evolution of the industrial equipment by our products utilizing analogue technologies which are indispensable for various types of sensing. Moreover, in the satellite communication field, we contribute to the evolution of global communication by our component products taking full advantage of our advanced microwave technologies and background of No. 1 share in the world market.

We will continuously supply safe, secure and high-quality products so that we could satisfy all of stakeholders through these business activities, as a member of the Nisshinbo Group.
I would appreciate it if you could give us your continuing support.

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