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New Japan Radio Co., Ltd. Chairman Ryo Ogura

New Japan Radio Co., Ltd.Chairman

Ryo Ogura

New Japan Radio Co., Ltd. President Kenichi Morita

New Japan Radio Co., Ltd.President

Kenichi Morita

To Our Stakeholders

Our company is a devices manufacturer covering micro devices in the electronics business of Nisshinbo Group which is the largest segment in its business portfolio. As a growth driver of Nisshinbo Group, we are making efforts to enhance the corporate value more than ever, as well as enlarge the business area of applications for mobility and industrial equipment highly advancing in electrification. We will use endeavor to provide values which could satisfy all of our stakeholders.

Our company will celebrate the 60th anniversary of its foundation in September 2019. This is all owing to stakeholders warmly having watched over the company, and we hereby would like to express our gratitude for it.

We, NJR Group, will provide safe, secure and high quality electronic devices so that we could fulfill your expectations.
We would appreciate it if you could continuously support us.

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