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Contributing to the evolution of industrial equipment with analog technology to satisfy needs

Industrial equipment supports the future of Japan’s manufacturing industry, and NJR analog technology supports this development. We contribute to the evolution of customers’ industrial equipment with a diverse range of products such as operational amplifiers (important for enhancing the sensing accuracy of encoders that support robotic motion with precise measurement of position and speed), power ICs (ensuring the stable operation of devices thanks to low noise), and analog front end (AFE) ICs integrated with functions optimized for industrial equipment.

Responding flexibly to customer’s needs
with diverse technologies

Among the electronic devices used in industrial equipment are ASSPs (application-specific standard products). In designing these, careful collaboration is important at the stage of deciding product specifications. NJR’s experienced engineers cooperate closely with customers to create ASSPs that satisfy their functional, performance, quality and cost requirements.
These electronic devices can be supplied as a set together with circuitry that brings out the ASSPs’ full potential. For example, customers can select from a wide range of operational amplifiers combined with matching analog circuits, or purchase sensors combined with digital circuits designed to process the sensor signals.
We produce the optimum electronic devices for the customer’s needs, and we ensure a stable supply over the long term.
NJR’s operational amplifiers, power ICs and ASSPs (AFE ICs) are supporting manufacturing in various fields.

Optical semiconductor technology for encoders – supporting the evolution of industrial robots

For industrial robots, accurate and speedy movement is required for movable parts such as arms.
To contribute the enhancement for the operational accuracy of these industrial robots, NJR supplies – as a set – sensors for the encoders that detect the motion of a moving part and signal-processing circuitry devices.
For Enabling high-performance sensing of encoders is NJR's optical semiconductor technology.
This is because an optical IC is not affected by electromagnetic noise, enabling it to accurately detect motor rotation and ensure precise operation. And the signal-processing circuitry used our operational amplifier technology supports smooth movements of robot by its high-speed processing.
The need for robots with less space for installation is increasing in current industrial robots.
In Encoder sensor ICs needed smaller and thinner, and NJR’s optical semiconductor products contributes by technology meeting these requirements.
Our electronic device technologies will continue to support the evolution of industrial robots.

Analog signal processing technology – realizing highly accurate sensing

Industrial equipment makes use of a wide variety of different sensors – from encoders for detecting movement to flow sensors for gas or liquid in a pipe, temperature sensors for managing a factory/warehouse facility or for food, and gas sensors used in gas detectors.
In integrating these sensors into products, the signal processing is required careful verification.
The analog output signal from a sensor is very small and can be affected by electromagnetic noise.
Depending on the type of sensor, signal strength and temperature characteristics can also vary greatly.
All of this means that, for high-precision sensing, advanced analog processing technology is required. In addition to signal amplification it is essential to remove noise and correct for sensor characteristics.
New Japan Radio will bring solution to customers technical problems.
Based on technical experience developed for operational amplifiers and numerous analog semiconductors, we can provide the solution to realize high precise sensing with analog circuits (for noise elimination, compensation and amplification) and until analog front end (AFE) ICs that convert analog signals to digital.

Providing efficiency and stability with PMICs

High input voltages are usually required for industrial equipment power supplies. The standard rails are 12V, 24V and 48V. NJR supplies switching regulators (step down) and controllers for these rails,* offering the stability and high reliability required in environments where noise, power surges and outages are common.
We also offer switching regulators (step up/down) for POL (point-of-load) applications following down conversion to 12V or 5V; series regulators, including 3-terminal and LDO (low-dropout) models; shunt regulators; and switching driver ICs. Our product lineup can thus cover a wide range of power supply applications for industrial equipment.
* 48V models under development (as of November 2018)

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