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From smartphones to automotive and IoT equipment –
our communications devices support the manufacturing

NJR’s communications device technologies are supporting the development for new products of smartphone and automobiles. In the dawning era of IoT, the devices equipped with communications functions are in demand almost everywhere. We will contribute to the development of these new markets and to the business expansion of our customers by supplying communications devices that meet their needs for developing these new products.

Communications devices to facilitate
customers’ product development

In the data communications field with high speed and high capacity, increasing use is being made of high frequencies – several GHz or more. NJR has pioneered the practical application of a semiconductor process using gallium arsenide (GaAs), which has exceptional high-frequency characteristics, several times better than silicon. We are now providing communications devices that support our customers’ development of products for high-speed, high-capacity communications.
NJR offers a wide-ranging lineup of communications devices optimized for each customer’s application and cost requirements as well as the latest industry standards. We supply the SPDT switches used in ETC systems; various low-loss semiconductor switches for different applications such as the multiband switches used in cell phones and smartphones; receiver amplifiers that amplify only the target signal while removing noise; transmitter amplifiers that reduce the distortion produced when amplifying a signal; and package products that combine two or more of the above.
NJR’s communications devices are playing a key role in the development of our customers’ new products for smartphones, automobiles and IoT connected to multiple wireless networks.

Our track record in the smartphone field

For many years, NJR has made the communications devices that form part of the multiband transmission/reception modules for LTE systems. We supply these to smartphone manufacturers who are achieving rapid growth in the global market, as well as to other customers in Japan and overseas who manufacture mobile equipment.
There are many vendors in the world that offer GaAs semiconductor ICs, but many customers choose NJR. Why is this?
The first reason is development speed. Competitiveness in the smartphone market depends on the speed with which new products can be developed. And NJR can contribute to speeding up this process. Drawing on the substantial experience and expertise that we have built up over the years, we are able to develop custom-made electronic devices tailored to a customer’s needs in a very short period of time. In addition, customers appreciate our ability to cope with the frequent specification changes that are common in product development.
The second reason is high quality. NJR’s advanced quality control is vital for ensuring the high quality of manufacturing by our customers. Over many years, NJR has been refining GaAs technology. Its superiority is demonstrated by the trust many customers have invested in us, and by our solid track record.

Leveraging IoT to spur the evolution of the automobile

NJR’s communications devices are rapidly becoming common in the automotive market.
Currently we work together with automobile manufacturers to develop devices for new safety systems that combine multiple sensors, GPS, vehicle-to-vehicle communications (V2V), and vehicle-to-infrastructure communications (V2I).
Going forward, when these safety systems are ready for installing in automobiles, we will ensure that the automobile manufacturers can rely on a stable product supply. This is because we have our own factory to guarantee that we can continue to supply high-quality products over the long term.
It is not just automobiles. In the era of IoT, all sorts of equipment will feature connectivity functions. NJR’s high-performance communications devices excel at capturing and amplifying wireless signals. Moreover, our high-density mounting makes product miniaturization possible. As key components for IoT product development, these devices ensure reliable support for customers’ manufacturing operations.

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