New JRC has developed J-FET input high quality operational amplifier MUSES01 which sets the essence technology of New JRC’s audio IC. Responding to the market request, New JRC further developed MUSES02 which is a high quality input bipolar audio operational amplifier. The MUSES02 is also optimized for Premium audio and professional audio applications with advanced circuitry and layout, unique material and assembled technology by skilled-craftwork. It is the best for audio preamplifiers, active filters, and line amplifiers with excellent sound.



Operating Voltage
Vopr= ±3.5V to ±16V
Low Noise
Input Offset Voltage
VIO= 0.3mV typ. 3mV max.
Input Bias Current
IB= 100nA typ. 500nA max. @Ta=25°C
Voltage Gain
Av=110dB typ.
Slew Rate
SR=5V/µs typ.
Bipolar Technology
Package Outline
DIP8 (8.8×6.4×6.75mm typ.)
Premium & professional audio equipment