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Operational Amplifiers & Comparators

High Output Current, Rail-to-Rail Input/Output Dual CMOS Operational Amplifier (Enhanced RF Noise Immunity)

  • Output Peak Current (1000mA (typ.))
  • Rail-to-Rail Input/Output
  • Slew Rate (9V/µs (typ.))
  • Wide Operating Voltage (Vopr = 6V to 18V)
  • Enhanced RF Noise Immunity
  • Package Outline (DFN8-W2(ESON8-W2)(3.0mm x 3.0mm))
General Description
The NJU77902 is a Rail-to-Rail input and output dual CMOS operational amplifier that features high output current drive.This device is stable to capacitive load and can charge and discharge capacitance quickly by high output current up to 1000mA. In addition, it is ideal for buffer amplifiers as the output stage can supply a respectable amount of current with minimal headroom from either rail.
  • TFT-LCD panel VCOM driver
  • Instrument Control Voltage Source
Package Information
Part Number Package Outline Pins Material Declaration (RoHS/Halogen) Terminal Finish Weight(mg) (Reference) Reflow soldering Flow soldering Iron soldering Packing Condition MSL Solder Foot Print
NJU77902KW2 download
8 Sn2Bi 18 Yes - - Non dry pack 1
Sample & Buy
Part Number Packages Status Packing Specification Sample Buy
NJU77902KW2 DFN8-W2(ESON8-W2) (Active)