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Power Management

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Composed of products such as low saturation(LDO) regulators and DC/DC converters and others;
covers a wide range of voltages and currents.

Power Management Category
Wide Input Range Products
  • The various markets, such as car accessories and industrial equipments, demand the ICs with wide input voltage range. To supply the benefit for the market, New Japan Radio provides the Wide Input Range Products line-up with input voltage from few volts* to 35V.
    *The input voltage lower limit of each products are different.
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New Products
  • Dual Half Bridge Driver

    The NJW4810A is a general-purpose dual half bridge driver capable of supplying 1A current. Output duty=100% can be operated by high side P channel MOSFET.

  • High Voltage Ultra Low Current Consumption Io=100mA LDO

    The NJW4182 is a 100mA output Low dropout regulator with high maximum input voltage, ultra-low current consumption and small package.

  • 1-Channel Low Side Switch

    The NJW4822 is the single low-side switch that can supply 0.2A.The active clamp, overcurrent, error flag output and thermalshutdown are built in with Nch MOS FET.It can be controlled by a logic signal (3V/5V) directly.

  • 1-Channel High Side Switch

    The NJW4832 is the single high-side switch that can supply 0.2A. The active clamp circuit, overcurrent and thermal shutdownare built-in to Pch MOS FET.A logic signal (3V/5V) can be input directly.

  • High Voltage Io=500mA Adjustable Low Dropout Regulator

    The NJW4186 is a high voltage and low current consumption low dropout regulator.NJW4186 is an adjustable output voltage type, so it can provide the optimum selection for various applications.

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