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LED Headlight ECU Block DiagramLED Headlight ECU

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LED Headlight ECU

Power Management

Switching Regulators/ Automotive IC

  1. NJW4196Internal 3.5A MOSFET Switching Regulator IC for Buck Converter
  2. NJW4140MOSFET Drive Switching Regulator IC for Boost / Fly-back Converter
  3. NJW4177Internal 2A MOSFET Switching Regulator IC for Synchronous Buck Converter
  4. NJW41335A MOSFET Switching Regulator IC for Boost Converter
  5. NJW41712.4MHz 2.5A MOSFET Switching Regulator for Buck Converter(U.D.)
  6. NJW1871Current Mode MOSFET Driver Boost Convertor Control IC(U.D.)

LDO(Low Dropout Voltage)/ Automotive IC

  1. NJW410745V Io=300mA Low Dropout Regulator
  2. NJW4116Io=500mA Low Dropout Regulator with Reset function
  3. NJW410445V Io=200mA Ultra Low Quiescent Current Low Dropout Regulator(U.D.)
  4. NJW427145V Io=500mA Low Dropout Regulator with WDT(U.D.)


Operational Amplifiers/ Automotive IC

  1. NJM2904Single-Supply Dual Op-Amp.
  2. NJU70479V/μs High-Speed, Rail-to-Rail Input/Output Dual CMOS Op-Amp.
  3. NJU7057Low Noise, Low Offset Voltage Drift Rail-to-Rail Output CMOS Op-Amp.
  4. NJM8532Rail-to-Rail Input/Output Dual Op-Amp.
  5. NJU77701Wide-Band, High-Speed, Low-Offset, Low-Noise Rail-to-Rail Input/Output CMOS Op-Amp.

Comparators/ Automotive IC

  1. NJM2903Single-Supply Dual Comparator
  2. NJU77242Rail-to-Rail Input Low power CMOS Open-Drain Output Comparator

Switching Drivers/ Automotive IC

  1. NJW4840High Speed Switching Gate Driver
  2. NJW48411-channel Switching Gate Driver