Environmental Management System Certification

ISO14001 Certificate
ISO14001 Appendix

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■ISO14001 Certification Acquisition Data■
Registration Date March 24, 1997
Expiry Date January 12, 2018
Certificate NO. JQA-EM4431
Certification Body Japan Quality Assurance Organization
Scope of Registration Development, designs, manufacture,
and sale of electronic device products and microwave application products.
■Certification Acquisition Data of the New JRC Group■
Group Companies Standards Certification Body Certification NO. Expiry Date
SAGA ELECTRONICS CO., LTD. ISO14001 : 2004 JQA JQA-EM2049 September 14, 2018
NJR FUKUOKA CO., LTD. ISO14001 : 2004 LRQA YKA 4003723 September 14, 2018
THAI NJR CO.,LTD. ISO14001 : 2004 BVC TH 008328 September 15, 2018