Introduce New Japan Radio's Automotive IC Products
Features of New Japan Radio's Automotive IC Products
Quality of safety to in-vehicle accessories that support a comfortable car life such as car navigations, auto air conditioners, and ETC.
T-spec guarantees the product function in all temperature spans of Ta=- 40°C to +105/+125°C obtained to ECU that assists in the safety feature from in-vehicle accessories.
  • T-Spec
  • Z-Spec

Specification of Automotive IC

Main features of Automotive IC

SPEC General SPEC Automotive IC
T-Spec Z-Spec
Automotive Description Standard Grade
for Automotive
High Grade
for Automotive
Defectiveness Rate (Target) Under 1ppm Under 0.5ppm
Specification Test Condition +25°C -40°C to +105°C/+125°C -40°C to +125°C
Process Control Line(Flow) Control Standard Standard Rigorous Key
Process Control
Dynamic burn-in None None Have
Traceability 5years 15years 15years
Claim Automotive Grade
Product change, Discontinued Customer's Approval Customer's Approval
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