Features of the MUSES 01/02

  1. Employing the high-purity oxygen free copper of lead-frame which has a greater effect on the sound quality,for the first time in the world*
  2. Pursuing super low cross-talk between L and R channels
  3. Pursuing the excellent sound moving person's heart that can not be shown in specification numbers

*: Our examination as of May 2009


High quality sound J-FET input dual operational amplifier for High-End Audio Equipment



J-FET input  
Operating Voltage Vopr=±9V to ±16V
Output noise 9.5nV/√Hz typ. @f=1KHz
Input Offset Voltage VIO= 0.8mV typ. 5mV max.
Input Bias Current IB=200pA typ. 800pA max. @Ta=25°C
Voltage Gain Av=105dB typ.
Slew Rate SR=12V/µs typ.
Bipolar Technology  
Package Outline DIP8
(8.8×6.4×6.75mm typ.)
Application High-end & professional audio equipment